QR Code Project

Here are the directions written by my students about doing this project:

The Steps We Took To Complete This Project

  1. We studied all about World War I and World War II.
  2. Mrs. Barnett explained to us about how QR Codes work and how they can be found everywhere.
  3. Mrs. Barnett then explained to us our project that we had to make a QR Code Scavenger Hunt on World War I and II.
  4. We started with a chart where we came up with 15 questions and answers about WWI and WWII.
  5. Because it was a scavenger hunt, we had to invent hints that led the team to the place where the QR Code was for the next question.
  6. WE made a website that the QR Code would lead to.
  7. This was our group website. Scan (or click below) to see a website.
  8. Then we created QR Codes. WE went to a QR Code Generator site and we typed in a link to a page of our website that lead the team to each question after they scanned it.
  9. After creating all of the codes it was time to hang them in the correct places in the building in order to complete the scavenger hunt.
  10. The Scavenger Hunt was finished.
  11. Our classmates went around the school to complete our groups' hunt and evaluate each other's scavenger hunt.

Group Color
Group Members
Project Page
Blue Group
Landyn, Heather, Jacob, Grayson
The Blue Group
Green Group
Alana, Kayla, Lauren, Justin
The Green Group
Purple Group
Luke, Courtney, Braden, Brittany
The Purple Group
Pink Group
Terry, Caleb, Peyton, Madison
The Pink Group
Orange Group
Megan, Hannah, Hailey, Madison
The Orange Group
Black Group
Caleb, Trey, Tucker, J.J.
The Black Group
Yellow Group
Jake, Sloan, Hunter, CJ
The Yellow Group
Red Group
Austin, Cederic, Adam, Robbie
The Red Group
Aqua Group
Austin Brandon, AJ
The Aqua Group
Grey Group
Hunter, Levi, Billy, Justin
The Grey Group
Brown Group
Hannah, Virginia, Mason, Matthew
The Brown Group