Language Practice and AHSGE Language Objectives

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Active and Passive Voice
Grammar Bytes
My new favorite place for learning and practicing grammar skills.
Grammar Practice
This wonderful web site is loaded with interactive language quizzes to help you master all of the objectives for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.
English Leap- Learn English
Learn English Speaking ,grammar,improve vocabulary and practice lots of English exercises online.
English Exercises Online
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Grammar Games
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Grammar Zone
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Language Objective on the Alabama High School Graduation Exam

· Identify correct noun forms

Make sure plural words are spelled correctly (indexes, donkeys, foxes, bushes); Remember - sisters-in-law not sister-in-laws and other compound nouns; Be able to tell the difference between singular possessive and plural possessive.; Words with aposrtophes must own the word that follows it. Otherwise it doesn't need an apostrophe. Ex. the rose bushes' are blooming. ("Are" doesn't belong to the bushes.)

· Identify correct verb forms

Practice test

· Recognize subject-verb agreement

Practice test

· Recognize pronoun-antecedent agreement

Practice test
Practice on Chomp Chomp

· Identify verb shifts

· Identify correct pronoun case

· Identify effective use of voice

· Determine correct use of modifiers

Practice test

· Identify commonly confused words

· Use clear, vivid, precise language

· Use formal and informal language

· Demonstrate correct sentence structure

Practice tests

· Demonstrate internal parallelism

· Demonstrate correct use of capitalization

Practice test

· Demonstrate correct use of commas

Practice test

· Demonstrate semicolon and colon usage

· Demonstrate quotation marks and underlining

· Demonstrate correct use of apostrophe

· Paragraph progression and completeness