Alex C

external image cindy-john-mccain_400x300.jpgexternal image 400x316_McCain.JPGexternal image john-mccain-19.jpg My highest percentage vote for my 2008 Presidential Election was John McCain. He was the person who supported all of my beliefs

My Top Five Most Important Issues:

external image abortion_2.jpgAbortation- I totally disagree with abortation I think it is like killing a human... except worse.. I think if your stupid enough to get yourself into it you should be responsable enough to take care of it. the ONLY reason I think it woul be alright, was if a woman was to get raped. then she should have one because the baby would not have a father!!!!.

external image guns-german-ww2-01.jpgGun Control- I think gun control should have a limit.. I think any convicted felony should NOT be able to buy any kind of weapon mainly guns.. if they got put into jail imagine what they are going to do whenever they get out and can buy more guns... I think it should have a major limit.

external image HealthCareShort.jpgHealth Care- I am 100% for health care. I think everyone should have it.. there is so many people out here that get injured and will not go to the doctor because they have no health care. I also agree with disability but I do not see how all these lazy people who just don't want to get up because they are sorry can get put on it.. but on the other hand my father who had a massive brain stem stroke, who is paralyzed , and confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life! we had to argue like crazy and fight for it. but like I was saying all these lazy, sorry people can just get put on it for a sprained ankle.. its pathetic!

external image electric-chair.jpgDeath Penalty- I am for the dealth penalty for certain reasons.. if someone went out and killed someone just because they were angry at them or just being stupid they should get the death penalty.. now if someone was taking self defence there is no reason for it..

external image gay_rights.jpgGay Rights- I am totally against it.. i do not think it should be legal it is not in alabama but in some states it is.. i do not have a serious problem with it but i do not want to be around any one who is like that.. i don't want to even see people like that.. now the people who keep it secret that is wonderful they are not bragging about it or nothing. i don't have a problem with people who are as long as they don't get around me with there boyfriend or girlfriend..
so i really don't have a problem with it unless i see it.