Alan R

Presidential Election 2008


1.) Gun Control- I think that the cops should be more heavily armed because of really bad situations that they can sometimes be in. They Sometimes Get put in life and death situations and the only people that are heavily armed is the SWAT team. We can buy bigger guns than they own, and when we have bigger guns than them then we have a better chance of winning anything.

2.) Abortion- Abortion should be illegal in all states, if someone can be put in jail for murder then so should whoever who performs an abortion. Abortion should not even cross a parents mind. If they think that theu're responsible to have unprotected sex then they should be responsible enough to deal with the consequences.

3.) Religion- A candidate's religion should not matter to anyone but them. But alot of people really consider that they don't really want someone of a totally different religion to be ruling the country.

4.) Health Care- Fast food restaurants should not be responsilbe for any obesity problems, they didn't make them choose to eat the food. A fast food restaurant is something quick and if that's what someone wants then thats what they're gonna get. They need to realize that fast foods can make them bigger and more unhealthy and if they don't want to get up and do anything about it then they need to leave it alone.

5.) Death Penalty- The death penalty should definately be legal in all states. If someone kills someone then they should have their lives taken from them. When a family finds out that someone in their family has been murdered then that's the only thing that they want for the murderer anyway. Everyone should really consider this.

Links to the Candidates:

Selecting a candidate for President. What is the best process to use for selecting a candidate for president? How should you decide? Who's views are important for you to consider? Why? Do you allow the media, parents, friends, and other to influence how you make the decision? Fully discuss the answers to all of these questions and the process you believe you should use to begin making a choice for President.