A Seregated Army

By: Shelby Brown

At the start of the war the Unoted States military was completely segregated. White soldires did not train with Black soldiers. African Americans usually used different equipment than white recruits. African Americans were organized into their own indivudual units and generally white officers were in command over them. Most of the military leaders wanted to keep the black recruits out of combat to assign them to construction and supply units.

Pushing for "Double V"

Because of the segregated armies african americans did not support the war. Many black leaders combined patriotism with protest.Then in 1941 the national urban league set two goals for the members: "1) To promote effective participation of black peoples in all phases of the war effort... 2) To formulate plans for builing the kind of United States in which we wish to live after the war." These ideas led to an idea called the "Double V" campaign. Papers argued that african americans should join the war efforts in order to achieve a double victory.