1984 - A Novel by George Orwell

1984 Multimedia Project - Go here to get the information about our 1984 Mutlimedia project for 2009.

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Go here to read this novel. The entire novel is online, available from this site.
Try this quiz on 1984. Test your knowledge.

1984 Chart

1984-social-classes.gifWhat do you think about this chart? Compare this class system to the one we currently have in our nation. Who "controls" the direction of our nation? Do the people in our nation have the power? Explain how they do and how they don't. Do we really have a democracy in America? What threatens a true democracy?

1984 Resources


1984 Poster Project

1984overture.gifPoster Project for the "Party" - Due on Wednesday, April 18th - 100 points
  • Full Poster size "advertisement" for the party or its policies, ideas, etc.
  • You may use a combination of pictures, party slogans, phrases, and other info from the book
  • You may create your own version of these images (big brother, Goldstein, etc.)
  • Any color, any topic - must show depth of understanding for this novel and the implications of the book
  • See the ideas below

Some interesting logos to use as a guide (remember, these cannot be copied):
Ideas: Ad for Hate Week; Big Brother is Watching You poster; Ad for the new version of the Newspeak dictionary w/ some new words listed; Thoughtcrime wanted ad for a particular person; war reports; Chestnut Tree Cafe flyer; lyrics to a new "party" song; Poster describing the Ministries of the Party; Oldspeak compared to Newspeak; torture tactics of the party; the prole and the neighborhood; the importance of the past to the party; Ad for Victory Gin, Victory cigarettes; Ad for the Junior Anti-Sex League; Ad for the Spies; party slogans, etc.

1984 Videos

Also, see the other 1984 Videos

Great trailer about this book. Unfortunately, you must watch this at home. It comes from a blocked site at school.

This video was produced by someone for the Barack Obama campaign. He was fired for this. Go to the discussion page and tell me what you think.