Note: This wiki is not an active space since I am no longer in the classroom. But you might find many useful things from many years of working with English and history students at this wonderful school. (I miss the classroom and especially these awesome students!)

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Welcome to the collaborative space for students in Mrs. Jennifer Barnett's classes at Fayetteville High School to learn, discuss issues, keep up with class news, deadlines, and project outlines, find handouts, resources, and games for learning, and collaborate with other students on class projects. Fayetteville is a 1A K-12 school in Talladega County in Alabama.

QR Code Project
Treaty of Versailles Projects

Today in Class

We've moved over to Moodle for management of our daily lessons.

English 11
American Poets Project

This week - Short Story Week ("The Jilting of Granny Weatherall") BTW, short stories are always enclosed with quotation marks.
Monday - Read story; Tuesday - Complete Guided Reading and Vocab sheet (the sub will give the vocab sheet); Wednesday (review sheets, write eulogy); thursday - watch film and review for test; Friday - test
(story starts on page 621)

English 9
The Hunger Games - Complete the "Facebook Status Updates" this week.
Friday - chapter 10 with one status update
Monday - chapter 11 with one commentor
Tuesday - chapter 12 with two commentors
Wednesday - chapter 13 with three commentors
Thursday - chapter 14 with four commentors
Friday - chapter 15 with five commentors
Weekend homework - chapter 16 with five commentors
Monday - chapter 17 with five commentors, total of 15 comments
Tuesday - chapter 18 with five commentors, total of 18 comments
Wednesday and Thursday - update profile
Friday - create "gifts" for your character for each chapter 11-18

World History 9
Gigantic Overview of Some Stuff That Mattered.docx - Download this document so that you may write your responses to each of these events.
Elizabethan Era - Click to learn all about this era!

Age of Exploration and Expansion - Chapter 6
Test has been postponed until Wednesday. Study and be ready. So the assignment for September 13th (Tuesday) involves a simple webquest of explorers. Go to The Age of Exploration page for the details using All About Explorers site. (You will choose 3 explorers and answer the questions on your own paper and turn in at the end of class.)

Recently in Class

World History 9
Renaissance - World History Chapter 5 - Click to see info and downloads for Ch 5 and the link to the page on Renaissance Art. Also, check out the completed Timetoast timelines.
English 11
Personal Poetry and Character Metaphors. - Due at end of class on Wednesday, September 7th.
This I Believe Essay Summaries.docx - Click to download the summary template. Be sure to save your document with your name in it. Save it on your flashdrive, not your computer.

English 9

external image repairs-01.jpgTop Ten - My Top Ten list of the most interesting things on this wiki. Other spots of interest: Jennifer Barnett; FHS Teens Read Wiki; U.S. History Election 2008 Project Teddy Roosevelt Day; Matchbox Twenty - What does this song say to you? Five People Video Project; The Crucible; The Crucible Voicethread World War II Voice Threads; 2009 World War II Voicethreads Alan's 1920s Video Shelby's 1920s Video; iWolves -

Back to School Survey for my juniors.
Click Here to take survey
Items of Interest__Citizenship Test - try and see if you deserve your citizenship status!
Thinking Game - play this, it's common, everyday knowledge but very challenging!

Some time ago in Class...

Last year....

Ellis Island

Ellis Island Project - Check out this page! The movie from our project is embedded, hosted from YouTube. Share our fun with your friends or go to the site and get the code and embed it into your web page! I'm very proud of the job you did!
Ellis Island Voice Thread

Other Things

Blabberize example
F. Scott Fitzgerald games and book questions (see the short video) Character Metaphor Project and Great Gatsby Voki
Recent Polls This page has the results of recent polls taken in class.
Radio Webquest -

Conversations With Personality...

Find recent polls

Recent Polls - Click here to see polls from our class.


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All Things Web 2.0 Go here and explore. But make sure you have plenty of time - you could play here for days.

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Books Books Books Recommend your favorite books to others!
100 best characters in literature - here What characters do you love? Notice who is #1 on this list?

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