World War II Voice Threads - Assignments and Helpful Information

Notes on World War II - Prelude to World War II; America and World War II

Voice Threadrequirements and tips:

  • Include a title slide with topic and group members names (you might create this in paint, power point, or another web program)
  • 10 slides/pictures, not including title
  • All group members must comment/explain information about each slide - both comment and voice
  • Give "little known" information or "did you know?" facts on each slide
  • You must use both the voice option and the written comment option for every slide
  • The more information about each slide, the better your grade!
  • Each slide is worth 20 points. To receive full credit, you must do all of the things mentioned above! Extra slides that are REALLY good might earn you extra credit.
  • Embed your thread when you finish (due date: Friday, February 6th) - Put it here - 2009 WWII VoiceThreads

    Sample Threads to watch:
    Ellis Island Voice Thread (Last year's history class serves as immigration officials at Ellis Island)

1. Colby, Dylan G, Andrew O; Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler; p. 709-710
2. Kelvin, Josh, Mikel; Neutrality; Appeasement; p.711-715
3. Cody P, Andrew W; War Begins; Battle of Britain; p. 716-717
4. Dylan S, Dani; Holocaust; Final solution; p. 719-724
5. Dustin, Joe; FDR Supports England; Isolationist debate; Edging Toward War; p. 725-728
6. Corey, Blake, Muzzey; Japan Attacks; p. 728-730
7. Matt, Shelby K; Converting Economy; Industry Gets Job Done; p. 736-738
8. Morgan, Alex; Building an Army; p. 739-741
9. Mayce, Kyle; Holding the Line Against Japan; p. 742-745
10. Hunter H, Kristina; Turning Back the German Army; p. 745-747
11. David, Mason; Women/Minorities Gain; Nation on Move; p. 745-753
12. Tiphini, Hunter A; Daily Life in Wartime America; 753-754
13. Hunter S, Robby H; Striking Back at the Third Reich; p. 755-757
14. Taylor, Logan; Landing in France; p.757-758
15. Shelby G, Alan R; Driving the Japanese Back; 759-761
16. Brant, Anna; Third Reich Collapses; 764-766
17. Alan G, Stacey; Japan is Defeated; p. 767-770
18. Lauren, Chelsi; United Nations; p. 771

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