U.S. History Election 2008 Project (Assignments and Student Pages)

Election 2008 - General information page on the 2008 Presidential election.
As we approach this historic election, students in Mrs. Barnett's U.S. History classes will be debating the issues with an "election partner" from the community. Becoming an active participant in the civic process takes practice. Students will have the opportunity to practice for future participation in presidential elections with the help of an election partner.
The election partner will
  • debate the issues of the election with their student, challenge their student to defend their opinions, ideas, and philosophies
  • support their student's efforts to understand the candidates and their positions, encourage them to ask good questions and identify the most significant issues in government today
U.S. History students will
  • read election materials and become familiar with candidates and the issues, create an initial response to the prompts and question topics
  • respond to the comments and questions put forth by their election partner, experience a presidential election with a high degree of civic responsibility and competence

Election Pages

Mrs. Barnett

5th period History Class
Colby A
Alex C
Corey C
Kyle C
Lauren D
Blake F
Dylan G
Mikel H
Jeffrie H
Kayla M
Andrew O
Cody P
Chelsi T
Kelvin T
Andrew W
Muzzey Z
Josh L

7th period History Class
Hunter A
Mason B
Dani B
Mayce C
Tiphini C
David C
Taylor E
Dustin F
Alan G
Anna G
Kristina G
Shelby G
Hunter H
Robby H
Shelby K
Logan L
Stacy L
Alan R
Morgan R
Hunter S
Dylan S
Joe T
Brant V
Matt W

Election Assignments

  1. Recruit an "election partner" for this project. Have them sign the contract and turn it in to Mrs. Barnett by Friday, September 19th.
  2. Your Election Page. After carefully reading your election packet of candidate profiles and issues, identify the top five issues that are important to you. Write a short paragraph about each of these issues on your election page and why that issue is important to you. Complete this assignment by Friday, September 19th.
  3. First Discussion Post - Selecting a candidate for President. What is the best process to use for selecting a candidate for president? How should you decide? Who's views are important for you to consider? Why? Do you allow the media, parents, friends, and other to influence how you make the decision? Fully discuss the answers to all of these questions and the process you believe you should use to begin making a choice for President. Assignment due by Thursday, September 25th.
  4. Second Discussion Post - The Vice Presidential Candidate. Describe your views of the importance of the vice presidential candidate. What are you looking for in the VP candidate? What are your views about the current two vice presidential candidates? Who is best suited to be president? How likely are you to use your knowledge of the VP candidate to help you decide how to cast your vote for president? Why? Assignment due by Thursday, October 9th
  5. Third Discussion Post - Presidential Debates/Media Coverage. How do the debates and other media coverage help you make a decision on a candidate? What do you look for in the debates or in candidates appearances on news programs and other interviews? Does the commentary help you? Assignment due by Tuesday, October 21st
  6. Final Discussion Post - Decision 2008. Choose a candidate for president in 2008. Outline the reasons for choosing this candidate. Would you be willing to campaign for this candidate? Why or why not? Assignment due by Monday, November 3rd.
  7. Complete your Election Page. Complete your election page with plenty of information about your candidate and the reasons for your choice. Include at least five of the following: pictures of the candidates, biography, timeline, embedded videos (commercials, you tube, etc.), electoral maps, links to campaign sites, your candidate's positions on the issues, information about the Vice Presidential running mate, explanation of political and leadership experience, possible choices for Cabinet Secretary, etc. Assignment due by Monday, November 3rd.