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Top Ten Lists

Here is my top ten list of the most interesting things currently on this class wiki. I teach 11th grade United States History which covers our nation's history from 1877 to the present. I also teach 11th grade English with an emphasis on American literature from the same time period as 11th grade history. I try to integrate the two subjects as much as possible.

Top Ten (or 15) Most Interesting Things on FHS Wolves Den

  1. Decade Luncheon - Students recreated each decade of the 20th Century.
  2. Election 2008 Project - Click to see juniors at FHS debating election issues with their adult election partner and visit each student's page to learn more about this project and the choices being made. (CURRENT)
  3. 2009 World War II Voicethread Projects - Juniors fully cover every angle of World War II in these group threads (CURRENT)
  4. Learning With Music- This is the early collection of a few things we do with music.
  5. 1984 Interpretations 2008 - Projects on Orwell's novel. Movie Maker and Storyboard - these links tell more about the project.
  6. We Didn't Start the Fire Projects and Power Points, Scrapblogs, and Mixbooks - Click on Fire Projects 2008 to see results.
  7. Ellis Island Project and the Ellis Island Voicethread - Great project on immigration done in the fall of 2007.
  8. Ceiling Literature - We have been painting the ceiling tiles in my classroom to match the book jackets on our favorite books!
  9. The Great Gatsby projects - Don't miss the Voki discussions on The Great Gatsby
  10. Map Games - Check out a great way to study and review geography! Games - Literature games, war games, and much more.
  11. World War I Mixbook Project - Our World War I book is the #1 most viewed book on the Mixbook site.
  12. Our Story writing assignments - Our Story is one of my favorite web 2.0 writing tools!
  13. Barnett 101 - Beginning of the year Power Point, what you need to know to do well in my class, and tons of Web 2.0 tools
  14. Novel Notes - Links to info on all of our novels, summer reading information, and much more.
  15. Recent Polls - This page contains some of the polls and surveys taken in my classes on various topics in history and English.
  16. Google Docs - Using Google Docs is fun and easy! (video tutorials from You Tube are embedded.)

Top Ten Links

  1. http://go2web20.net - The best web 2.0 directory online. It's a treasure chest for computer geeks like me.
  2. http://fhsteensread.wikispaces.com - FHS wiki for folks who love to read and willing to share their thoughts with others. It's a club with no sponsor, no meetings, no dues, and no hassle. Aren't wikis great?
  3. www.hippocampus.org - This is a great interactive site we use in history for its excellent videos and other information.
  4. www.quizlet.com - We use this often to practice vocabulary. Join Mrs. Barnett's Wolves to share sets with my students.
  5. http://del.icio.us This is the social bookmarking tool I use and teach my juniors to use when researching. I use it every day!
  6. www.readwritethink.com - I love this site! It's full of great activities and ideas for reading, writing, and thinking!
  7. http://www.google.com/intl/en/options/ - Ok, if you think you know google, check out this page. Chances are that google offers something you've never used or even heard about. I like Google Alerts, Google Books, iGoogle, and the designing my own Google Search.
  8. www.brainpop.com - Great interactive videos and quizzes.
  9. Use my Language page to access links to several grammar games. I get lots of hits on this page, so I'm assuming someone out there is finding it useful even when I'm not using it in my class. I'm happy to share whatever works with anyone needing it!
  10. Don't Quit Poem - This is a great inspirational site. I love the video at the beginning.