The Hunger Games

You will find resources and information about The Hunger Games on this page as well information about the assignments for this novel.
"May the odds be be ever in your favor."
Review Part One - The Hunger Games
Review Part Two - The Hunger Games
Review Part Three - The Hunger Games

Chapter Questions
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Resources and More Information
The Hunger Games Fireside Chat - Weekly Hunger Games podcast.
The Hunger Games Scholastic Site - Excellent site with videos, games, and other downloads about the author and the book.
The Hunger Games Movie - Learn more about The Hunger Games movie - to be released in March 2012.
The Hunger Games Fansite - Fan site for the Trilogy
The Potter Games - Harry Potter Meets Hunger Games!
Hunger Games Trailer- Recommended by Branden

Wednesday, August 31st Poll
Take the Poll below. Then go to the Discussion Tab at the top of this page and tell why the character you chose is your favorite so far. Also, what changes do you expect this character to go through in this book (and the two books that follow The Hunger Games)? This short discussion post is worth 25 points!


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The Reaping
Reaping Stats.docx - Click to see your age and number of family members for the reaping.