The Age of Exploration

September 13th Assignment
  1. Choose any 3 explorers from the site - All About Explorers - and answer the three questions listed on the page about that explorer.
  2. Research the explorer using the links provided on the All About Explorer pages.
  3. Write the questions AND the answers on notebook paper and turn in at the end of class.
  4. Remember - this is individual work - not group work.

Major European Explorers of 15th and 16th Centuries.docx - Download this file to copy and place with your chapter charts.
Chapter 6 Mini-Project: Follow the instructions below.

  1. Read Chapter 6. (pages 186-207) This is a fairly short chapter with only three sections.
  2. Students will assemble themselves into study groups of three. Each person in the study group will choose a chapter section to create a detailed study guide. Choose from - Section 1 - Exploration and Expansion; Section 2 - Africa in a Age of Tranistion; Section 3 - Southeast Asia in the Era of the Spice Trade
  3. Each individual in the group will follow the format below for creating a study guide on their section.

    Create tables with the following chunks of information:
    Topic, Information, and Illustrations
    Key Terms; Key People; Key Places; Key Facts; Key Events

Here's an example of one:
Key Terms
a settlement of people living in a new territory, linked with the parent country by trade and direct government control
external image banner.jpg
Key People
John Cabot
A Venetian seaman, Cabot explored the New England coastline of the Americas for England. He was a "government-sponsored" explorer responding to the discoveries Columbus had made of the Americas.
external image large-john-cabot2.jpg
Key Facts
Why Spanish hungry for gold?
The Spanish were hungry for gold because mercantilism (prosperity of a nation depended on a large supply of bullion, or gold or silver) measured a nation's prosperity in bullion and the Spanish wanted to be the richest nation in Europe.
external image slavemap.png

4. Share your study guides with your other group members. You will discuss the information you collected as well as share your study guides digitally. Be sure you put all three of your group members names on all three study guides. One group member should email Mrs. Barnett a copy of the completed guide. (

5. Participate in class discussions and review of material to prepare for this chapter test.



Pictures taken at Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center in Tuskegee Alabama.

Chapter 6: The Age of Exploration, 1500-1800
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