Real World?

A Look at the Real World in 2018...

So, can you really use anything you learn in school in the real world? I hear this all of the time. "Where will we ever use this in life? Why do we have to know this?" To be honest, I understand these complaints. I like to know that what I'm learning is useful. I don't enjoy feeling like I'm wasting my time. So, I had an idea. You are going to answer your own questions - for prizes. I will periodically award the best answers in history and english with the best prizes I can come up with. Remember - I have no money tree growing in my backyard, but I'll do whatever I can. Food (most of you love food), extra points (all of you love that), candy, stickers, pencils, and other stuff I might can find.
Click below to record how things we are learning might come in handy later in life and win a prize.

Real World English

Real World History


What can you come up with for the Real World?