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Sample Poems from Students
How cool am I?
Under the sun and sky
New music everyday
True to listen to what you have to say
Either you love me or hate me but
Remember I'll always be me
Working all the time
Having to sit in class and think of a rhyme
I work my tail off to earn a dime
Too much time on XBox playing the game
Everybody should really know my name
Just know I am easy to please I
Only live my life with ease
Sports is what I love to do,
Having hats and collecting shoes
Understand that baseball is my main,
And I'm a beast that can't be tamed.
Questions about my life will always be asked,
Understand that life is rough and so was my past.
I always look forward to my next day,
Not only the next day but also when we have a game to play.
Never letting the negative people get in my way.
Talented as can be
Keep looking and you will see
Eager as a kid with toys
Yet I am never bored
Lady is what I was born to be
Intelligence in me is all you see
Adorable as a newborn baby
Humble as a classy lady
Talkative like Tammy
rough like a whammy
Unique like an antique
Sweet like sweets
Successful will be me
Living in a tiny town
Is a very tiny girl, she
Never, ever wears a frown, she has
Dreams as big as this world.
Sometimes she can be crazy,
And a little bit loud,
Yet other times she gets lazy.
And doesn't make a sound.
Random as can be, but very
She loves sweet tea, and sometimes is
Too honest.
Rain is her favorite thing, some may call her
Odd, but she will
Never let people bring her down, her faith remains in
Jumpman Mentality bring to the field brutality
Opposite teams of my kind
So motiveated always on my Grind
Household name late Friday nights
Until those nights are over that will forever be my light.
As every good book must come to an end
The night they do I will walk off the field with a grin
As my coaches and players cry my high school career away
Yet I know football is a season, summer of 2012 will be a new day
Lifting the burden off my back, I still wonder
Over and over will this feeling ever come back, the
Road is paved, Bama football is back.
Dreamer, achiever, politician, musician,
Above all of this, a church-going Christian.
Respectful, responsible, punctual, and fun
Even though he stay serious and wants to get the job done.
Never dishonest and always says what is on his mind
Though he keeps many friends and never falls behind
Undeniably he is smart and enjoys learning a lot,
Reaches for the stars and lazy he is not.
Near college and now stressing with what he wants to do,
Even though he know that he will decide while he's in school.
Ridiculously loud and he always does very well, he's
and he will surely never fail.
More Personal Poems

Rhythmic variation in his cerebellum rally and
Years of destitution pains the eagle of the valley
Anguish has shaped the unlikely void from which he came
Neither hatred, nor ignorance are products of the lion's mane

Lyrical domination proves the heart of the brave
Inclined to beat the odds until he lies in his grave
Notations critically vanquish the master plan of Satan
Demonic voices and noises are made short work of the mason
Seizing love, joy, and the goodness of God's grace
Regrets of alabaster, trails upon trails of golden lace
Yeilds the right away of faith, until he's won this race