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Delicious Research

We use Social Bookmarking Tools to facilitate the research process in English. This is a wonderful and simple concept. From any computer, you can access the websites that you have saved for further review. You can also take a look at other websites that people have saved that are interested in the same topic as you. This drastically cuts down on the time it takes you to locate the best resources. Instead of reading everything as you find it, you tag it to your bookmarking account and write a few brief comments. Then go back later and do all of your reading and select the best sources to use.

http://del.icio.us - This is the bookmarking tool we use. It is loaded to all of the COW (computers on wheels) laptops as well as all of the computers in our lab. You need to load the software to your computer at home so that you can save sites there as well. You must log in to save them. When you are saving sites at school, be sure you log in with your username and password first. (You don't want to save something to someone else's account who forgot to log out.)

Ask questions if you get stumped. This is your account. You may save any website you use or want to remember to it. It's not just for school. I find it very helpful when doing my Christmas shopping, when I find a great You Tube video, or when I find a new site that is impressive but I don't have time right then to explore.

Have a delicious time!