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Noun Series Descriptive Writing

Write a full descriptive essay online using Our Story. Focus on fleshing out your five senses as you write: see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.
Person - anyone you know so well that telling others about him or her comes naturally to you
Place - a place as familiar to you as home - it can be home :)
Thing - something you love; something you hate - stick with something that brings strong emotions to the surface for you

Story Telling

We will be recording five stories between now and the end of the school year on the collaborative site, ourstory.com. I want to use this space for some writing for several reasons.
  • Your stories should not be lost. Once they are posted here, you will have them forever.
  • You can share them easily. You can make your stories private and invite only with whom you'd like to share them.
  • Others can comment and be a part of your story telling. (This is one of my favorite features!)
  • You can work online and so can I. Anywhere you can find a connection is a place you can work.

Here are the stories you must write:
  1. A Childhood Story This story must be about an important lesson you learned. Tell the details of what you got into and how things turned out for you. Make sure the lesson you learned is very clear.
  2. A Memory Story This story is about something that happened that you'll never forget. This should be a story you love to share and have told to others before. This story is a favorite memory - a story that is more special to you than significant to others.
  3. A Painful Story This story must be about pain, physical or emotional, experienced by you or someone close to you. Make us feel as though we are there and understand the pain you describe.
  4. A School Story involving your Classmates This story should be about something that involved your classmates. The tone of the story is up to you. It needs to be clean and appropriate and something that others can comment on. You must invite the responses of at least 4 people - that is a part of your grade.
  5. A Future Story This story is about your future. Choose one day sometime past 2020 and tell a story about that day. Make it somewhat like a diary entry telling about everything that happened. Make sure you tell it in a way that we understand the new details about your life.
Due Dates for stories:
Your first 3 stories must be posted by Friday, February 1st. The other stories must be posted by Friday, February 22nd.