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Map games make Geography challenging and fun. Try your hand at these map games. Challenge a friend to see who can score the highest or complete the maps first. The more you play, the more you will improve your map skills. Enjoy!

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World Maps

World Map

This game is insanely hard but lots of fun. If you think you are a world expert, try it. If you're not, it's fun anyway. My highest score is a 62 - pitiful, but this game is really hard!

Great Map Games

This is from www.Ilike2learn.com. Interactive map games that range in difficulty level. This site is loaded with everything from maps of countries, capitals, states, provinces, rivers, and mountains to quizzes of everything geography. You should love this one!

Map Games

Interactive map games using maps from all over the world. All sorts of things are included in this wide assorted of games such as Crossword Map Game, Africa Drag & Drop, Find It Europe, US Capitals Game, SE Asia Drag & Drop, Find It Latin America, and much more!

Europe Maps

Europe Map Puzzle
Drag and drop type of game
The Europe Quiz
Excellent practice quiz!
Europe Map
From I like to learn site.

United States Maps

US Map Puzzle Game

Test your knowledge of America with this fun interactive game!

Fun Brain Map Game

The game where your brain is the map. Very easy multiple choice type questions on the maps.

US Map Game

Drag the name of the state to the state! You are on a timer. If you can't complete the map, they tell you that you've failed 3rd grade.

US Map Quiz

This is an interactive quiz that grades you as you go. Very easy to play. Good for learning those tough states.

Ben's US Map Game

This is a bit elementary, but very easy. Click on the US map and choose the level of play.

States and Capitals

this has many games to help learn where the states are and the capitals as well.

Middle East Maps

Middle East Map Game

Test your knowledge in this drag and drop game on the Middle East and North Africa.

Map Resources

Print Maps

Any map imaginable