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This is the hub for U.S. History class lecture notes. The daily scribe records the day's notes for all to review and use. Then that scribe assigns the scribe for the next day's notes. Anyone can update, edit, add links, or other information to these lecture notes. Remember - notes due the day of tests still must be in your own handwriting. You may use the notes on the wiki to get information you missed or left out of your notes. It also serves as a wonderful review before a test.

Chapter 13 - Settling the West
Chapter 14 - Industrialization
Chapter 15 - Urban America
Chapter 16 notes - Politics and Reform in the Gilded Age
Chapter 17 Notes Becoming a World Power; Imperialism
Chapter 18 Notes Progressive Era Progressive Era
Chapter 19 Notes World War I World War I WWI on Home Front Chapter 19
Chapter 20 Notes Roaring 20s Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s Roaring 20s
Chapter 21 Notes Politics in the 1920s - Layered Curriculum Unit
Chapter 22 Notes Causes of the Great Depression
Chapter 23 Notes The New Deal
Prelude to War Events that led us to World War II; World War II Voice Threads
Chapter 24 Notes World War II World War II Dates Timeline World War II Pictures World Warr II Videos
America and World War II
Cold War - Notes about the end of WWII and the beginning of the Cold War; 1950s Layered Unit
Chapter 28 - JFK and LBJ

Other Important/Interesting Stuff:
Extra Credit Opportunity
Media Giants
Brand Winner
Biltmore Estate
Italy 2008; Homecoming 2007; Graduation 2008

Notes on World War I
Scenes of America with music. Enjoy!

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