Great Ideas

Donate Summer Reading Book
Donate your book from summer reading and get a free dress day!

Walk-In Movie Night
Sponsor a Walk-In-Movie around Halloween time. It holds the same concept only the movie is shown at the football field and projected onto a tarp spread across the goal post. Students can bring lawn chairs and blankets and pillows or whatever they need to be comfortable. We don't charge anything for admission, but we do offer concessions, which we charge for, but just enough to make a small profit. We usually play a Halloween movie, but you can really do anything you want. We usually have a strong turnout, but make sure if you sell concessions, that you have lot's of Hot Chocolate...because it really gets COLD!!

Spirit Couch
Each week students at Fayetteville HS are encouraged to submit their names for a Spirit Couch drawing that is held at the Friday pep rally. The person whose name is drawn gets to choose three guests to join him or her that evening on the Spirit Couch, which is set up on the sideline of the football field. The winner and guests are treated to pizza, snacks, and soft drinks and can watch the game from this prized position. They are also provided with various spirit items--a game cup, spirit ribbon, pom pons, and noisemakers

Roll Out the Red Carpet
On the first day of school, the staff and administration at Downingtown HS in Exton, PA, rolls out the red carpet--literally--to welcome students. Organizers purchased sections of red carpet--rentals are also possible--that are placed on the sidewalk leading to the school's front door. They invite all teachers, custodians, principals, and other staff members to line the sidewalk to form a welcoming committee and arrange for a disc jockey to play music as students arrive. Staff members wear school colors and the area is decorated with balloons, streamers, and welcome signs. "Your students will be smiling like you cannot imagine," says Carole Kustafik, student council adviser.

Central Perk
As a special treat for teachers, FHS student council members fill a cart with a wide variety of breakfast items including coffee and take the cart around to every teacher in the school. The breakfast is free and is served with a big "thank you" for all they do.

Plant The Seed Of Learning
In honor of the arrival of spring, give each teacher a hand trowel and a pack of seeds with a note expressing the idea that "Teachers plant the seeds of learning."

MORP Dance
MORP is prom spelled backwards. Hold a very informal dance for those who can't go to prom.

Advertising Ideas

Clock Posters
Everyone looks at the time during class, why not put your posters around the clock.
Costume Association
Depending on the theme of your event, members of your council could wear costumes for a day to advertise.
Hat Advertising
Create unique, crazy hats with your event's theme and information on it. Wear them between classes in the halls. Students will want to know what is going on.
Head Bonkers
Wear a headband and attach information to springs or pipecleaners.
Have students stand at major intersections in your school and announce upcoming functions using a megaphone.
Newspaper Articles and Inserts
Your school paper can always be used as a source for advertising. Use a special insert to explain the important events coming up.
These should change daily so that the listener is interested in the message that you have. Make them witty to catch people's attention and make the message more memorable.
Balloon Messages
For major events, have your event information printed on balloons and pass one out to your students. Everyone will blow them up and read the message.
Bookmark Advertising
On the first day of a semester when new books will be passed out, have a bookmark in every book explaining the upcoming events for the year/semester.
Broadcasting/TV Announcements
If you have a high school broadcasting team in charge of reporting the daily news, make sure that they are consistently up to date with your events. Create a commercial to advertise your event if you have TV Announcements!
Carrot (Object) Necklace
Make a necklace and have a big carrot hanging on it (or any other object). Students will ask you why you are wearing it and you will respond with the information about the event coming up.
Paper Plate Advertising
Write important messages on paper plates and tape them to every locker.
Sandwich Boards
Have chapter members wear these between classes to advertise for events. Sidewalk Chalk Use chalk on the sidewalks of all entryways of your school to get your information out to others.
Pop Can Advertising
Get in touch with your pop distributors and arrange to meet them when they fill your machines. Place an advertising sticker on each can and students will read them when drinking.
Spirit Clothesline
Hang a clothesline high in your cafeteria and display an example outfit for each of your dress-up days. Students will have a better idea of how to get ready for spirit week.
Stairway Messages
Use each step as a location to place a few words of the message that you want to get across. Students will read the full message as they go up the stairs.
Stall Street Journal
Everyone uses the toilet, right? So why not create a small handout and tape them to the stall doors in every school bathroom?
Table Tents
Create table tents and secure them to cafeteria and library tables. They might only remain for a day or so, but they will be read.

Recognition Ideas that are Fun and Inexpensive
The dollar stores, candy racks, and Oriental Trading catalogue are indispensable allies in the hunt for teacher appreciation ideas. We buy our staff two gifts a year that we try to keep in the $5 or under range. Coffee mugs, plastic apples, portfolios, pens have been our recent purchases and we do one at either the start of school or at the winter break and the other at Teacher Appreciation week in May. Here's a list of some things we have done but you can come up with your own just as easily:
  • A small mirror with the note, "You are looking at a very special person."
  • A pencil with the note, "Thank you for helping us write our future."
  • Little Nestle Crunch Bars with the note, "Thanks for your help at crunch time."
  • Pay Day bars with the note, "Thought you could use an extra pay day."
  • $100,000 bars with the note, "You are worth much more to us than this."
  • Small bags of miniature marshmallows with the note, "Because there are times when we just get tired."
  • Plastic glove popcorn hands with the note, "Thanks for lending a hand on..." Works with hands cut out of construction paper as well.
  • Pill bottles from a pharmacy filled with M & M candies with labels made by our council with each color M & M having a different remedy such as: red=relaxation, blue=fun.
  • A coupon for a free Student Congress car wash done right after school and we use our students good at schmoozing to talk to the teachers while their car is being washed.
  • Our teacher day ends 50 minutes after students are dismissed so on snowy days we get ten or twelve students who invade the teacher parking lot and brush off their snow and leave a note, "You have been brushed off by a member of Student Congress."
  • In October we got the little candies that look like pumpkins and attached the note, "Thank you for helping us harvest our potential."
  • We have also used ghost suckers made out of Tootsie Pops and Kleenex, with the note, "Don't have a ghost of a chance without you."
  • Use a longish narrow bead and a piece of chenille strip to fashion a brush that resembles a little toilet brush (chenille shaped into a circle and inserted into the bead which serves as a handle) with the note, "Belly button brush to help you relax when you are stressed."
  • Do this on the teacher workday before the start of school, at semester break or at the end of school. Have students report to the Student Activities Room to help teachers rearrange, carry, clean, put up bulletin boards, etc. Teachers can call or visit Student Activities to get student assistance with their needs.
  • Small erasers that look like light bulbs with the note, "Thanks for helping us turn on our light."

Midterm Break
As the second semester starts, have a 1/2 way party for the staff or even for your council. Cut all of the food you serve in 1/2. Only serve 1/2 cups of coffee, soda, etc. If you have an agenda or card for the staff, cut the copies in 1/2 lengthwise so people have to find a partner to match up with to be able to read it. Pass out cards with the name of 1/2 of a famous duo, (i.e. Batman & Robin), and have members find their "better 1/2." If they find this person, award them a candy bar or other prize. Get some area restaurants to donate coupons for "1/2 off" a meal or "buy one get one free" and have a drawing 1/2 way through the party or meeting.


Bobbing for Barbie and Ken
Instead of bobbing for apples have participants bob for bits o' Barbie and Ken until they can put together the whole doll. The boy bobs for Barbie and the girl puts it together. The girl bobs for Ken and the boy puts him together.
Fetch the Bone
One team member tosses a wrapped rawhide bone across the gym or a field area. A teammate (wearing knee pads) crawls on all fours to retrieve the bone. The bone is picked up in the mouth, carried back on all fours and dropped in a dog dish. This event needs one tosser and retriever dogs per team.