Five People Video Project

Five People Projects

As you hear this book being read to you, try to think of your "five people." Who might have something to tell you that would possibly help you understand your life? What would they tell you? Has your life been touched by someone and they don't even know it? Or can you imagine that you might have influenced or touched someone else without a full realization of it?

Project Details

You will put some of your thoughts into a "Five People" movie/book of your own. You will tell a story of the five people YOU might meet in heaven. Each project must start with a short description of this novel and its meaning for people, in general, and you, specifically. You must include basic information about each person, just as Albom does about each of Eddie's five people. You will create a scrapbook or a movie that tells the story of your five people and what they might share with you in heaven. You must include pictures and information about where you will meet them and why that is important. You must share the lesson each person has for you and why it is important. And you must include some sort of appropriate conclusion to the scrapbook or movie.

Project Choices

You may choose from the following options:

Layer C - 75 percent possible
The Five People You Meet in Heaven scrapbook.
Layer B - 85 percent possible
The Five People You Meet in Heaven group movie (groups of no more than two)
Layer A - 100 percent possible
The Five People You Meet in Heaven individual movie

You do not have to do all three to receive 100%. You may choose one option.