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This page is the hub for the many different collaborative projects going on in English class and in history class. Click on the pages below to edit, comment, or view the work being done or to get more information about an upcoming project or assignment.

Last Update: May 8, 2008

Right Now
Movie Maker Project on 1984 - These will be hosted on Teacher Tube very soon. Check back later to see them embedded someplace on this wiki.
We Didn't Start the Fire project in history (Check out the projects at Fire Projects 2008)

Coming Very Soon
School's out! So lots of rest and relaxation is on the way!

Term papers and Our Story essays and stories
World War I Mixbook Project - This was a great little project that involves a really neat tool.
F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Fitz page is loaded with other information about the novel.
Character Metaphor Project - This is due on Thursday, November 1st!
The Voki page is our page for creative discussions on The Great Gatsby - Extra Credit on final test
Presidential Celebrations
Three celebrations starting Friday, November 16th! Can you believe Thanksgiving is just one month away?
The Five People You Meet In Heaven
We will be reading this next! Well...I'll be reading it to you. It's a wonderful way to ease right into Thanksgiving Break. You'll love this story!
This is the collaborative project between Fayetteville High School and Sun Prairie High School in WisconsinEllis Island Project
Exciting recreation of Ellis Island for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade "immigrants" - we will serve as the immigration officials (September 2007)
Death Be Not Proud
Nonfiction piece finished in mid-September
Progressive Era
Terms that must be defined on chapter 18 in your notebook

Other class projects/work (past and present):
Decade Luncheon From 2006-2007 school year. This was our wonderful August 31st event! You guys did a terrific job. My hat is off to all of you!
Imperialism Wiki Project
World Power (illuminati video please watch)
Teddy Roosevelt
North Korea
Hands, Hands, Hands
This project is due Monday, November 13th!
Personal Blogs
Get ready! You'll be creating yours soon
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