African American in Combat

By: Perry Sanders Jr.

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Eugene Jacques Bullard, the first African-American combat pilot, was one of 200 Americans who flew for France in World War I.

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1st Sergeant Rance Richardson, a veteran of two World Wars, takes a break along the Numa-Numa Trail. April 4, 1944. Mid - On call to general quarters, five steward's mates stand at their battle stations, manning a 20mm anti-aircraft gun aboard a Coast Guard frigate in the southwest Pacific.

The SE-5E is an American-built version of the WW I S.E.5a designed by the Royal Aircraft Factory in Britain. The prototype S.E.5 first flew in December 1916 and deliveries of production S.E.5s began in March 1917. Fifty-six more were completed from components shipped from Britain. In the 1922-1923 period.

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