2009 WWII Voice Threads

Assignment List: World War II Voice Threads
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Colby Allen, Andrew Oden, and Dylan Growden
Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler

Mikel Harry, Josh Lumpkin, and Kelvin Traylor
Peace in our Time; Appeasement

Cody Pennington and Andrew Wedge
War Begins; Battle of Britain

Dani Byrd and Dylan Smith
The Holocaust

Dustin Frye and Joe Tinney
FDR Supports England

Matt Williams and Shelby King
Converting the Economy

Morgan Roberson and Alex Caldwell
Building the Army

David Cassady and Mason Black
Women and Minorities Gain; Nation on the Move

Hunter Hammonds and Kristina Gooden
Turning Back the German Army

Tiphini Carroll and Hunter Abbott
Daily Life in Wartime America

Hunter Scott and Robby Hammonds
Striking Back at the Third Reich

Taylor Edwards and Logan Laster
Landing in France

Alan Ricks and Shelby Guy
Driving the Japanese Back

Brant Vickers and Anna Gooden
The Third Reich Collapses

Alan Gooden and Stacy Liner
Japan is Defeated

Lauren DeWar and Chelsi Taylor
United Nations